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Values & Philosophy

Our TEAM philosophy is based on Honesty and Integrity, Hard Work, Excellence, and Self-Improvement.

Core Values

Futrend Technology, Inc. believes in its ability to be the best in its class. By practicing our Core Values of Honesty and Integrity, Hard Work, Excellence, and Self-Improvement. FUTREND and its people become your partner in success, achieving critical goals and objectives.


Honesty & Integrity

We do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason.

Hard Work

We work hard and smart, making a persistent and determined effort toward success.


Execution matters — we strive to maintain a reputation of excellence.


We seek to improve each day, personally and professionally. We increase our knowledge and experience, and we help each other succeed.

TEAM Delivery Philosophy

Recognizing that each customer is unique in their goals and values, we have created a TEAM delivery philosophy that draws from FUTREND′s core values. We foster communities of excellence and opportunity, and help people and organizations achieve their greatest potential.



  • Teach users
  • Target excellent customer service
  • Treat all with respect


  • Earn trust
  • Exceed customer′s expectations
  • Expedite responses


  • Align with customer′s vision
  • Assist on demand
  • Achieve results


  • Maintain efficiency
  • Master skills
  • Manage costs, schedules, deliverables