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Grants Management

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Grants Management

Grants Management
System Integration

With Federal grant awards now topping $500 billion dollars annually, the need for effective management of grants funding has never been greater. Most Grants Management systems are home grown or Government off–the–shelf. Their integration with financial management systems is challenging. FUTREND has the Grants and Financial Management domain and technical expertise necessary to ensure successful system integration.

Having successfully designed and developed the interface between National Institute of Health′s (NIH) eRA system and NIH Business System (NBS) using Service–Oriented Architecture (SOA), FUTREND brings lessons learned and a proven track record to the Grants Management community.

Grants Management
System Development

FUTREND brings Grants Management and grants accounting domain knowledge to our application development. Our sophisticated yet user-friendly design methodology and expertise allows Grants Management specialists, program managers, and budget officers to automate and better manage grants applications, awards, and administration process.

Full Life-cycle
Grants Management Services

Grants Management is critical for Federal, State, and Local Government to be effective stewards of public funding and programs. Grantees are also responsible for managing their sub-award recipients′’ use of grants funding and financial reporting. The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) require grantors to report on sub-awards. FUTREND understands the Grants Management process and has the expertise to provide the assistance, guidance, and analysis required throughout the process’ life cycle — from Pre–award to Award to Post–award to Grants Close–out.

Grants Accounting

Grants Accounting is unique and critical to disbursement and accountability. FUTREND has the expertise to bridge the communication between grants management offices and accounting operations. We work with budget and program offices to obtain accurate documentation to solve errors and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of grant obligations and disbursements.

Our Services

Services: Financial Management, Grants Management, Healthcare IT
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