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Federal Financial Management

System Integration - System Implementation - Quality Assurance & Testing - System Customization & O&M - Financial Management & Accounting

Federal Financial Management

FUTREND′s expertise in Federal Financial Management/Government Accounting derives from:

  • Senior staff of experienced government and corporate accountants
  • Rising generation of accounting graduates
  • Technologists with Financial Management knowledge

Combined with our staff’s strong analytical skills, critical thinking ability, and can-do attitude, FUTREND’s customers benefit from our ability to dive into any issue and determine the most effective solution.

Financial Management
System Integration

Because Government agencies need transparency, accuracy, and accountability for public funds, FUTREND integrates Financial Management Systems (FMS) that process transactions with 95% or greater first-time accuracy.

Many Government organizations layer systems as they grow. Layering creates a complex web of applications and interfaces, which impedes the flow, synchronization, and timeliness of information.

FMS also have many feeder systems that require costly maintenance and upgrades, which impede data integrity across the multiple systems necessary for accurate timely information decision makers require.

With a 100% success rate in delivering integration from real-time to near real-time to traditional batch interfaces, FUTREND untangles the web and standardizes messaging, data transfer, and transaction processing between systems.

System Architecture
Planning and Design

Agencies seek a solid architecture for system development or integration to maximize the service life of interfaces and applications. FUTREND’s experts chart the course to achieve functional, financial, and technical success.

SOA Case Study

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the leading methodology in system integration. Our successful system integration at National Institutes of Health (NIH) demonstrates FUTREND’s ability to use proven technologies in conjunction with our Oracle Federal Financials technical expertise. We implemented SOA and web services to build a reliable, scalable, real-time interface.

Financial Management
System Implementation

Having worked with four of six major financial management systems used by Federal agencies—Oracle Federal Financial, PeopleSoft Federal Financial, Federal Financial System (FFS), and Momentum Financial — FUTREND brings valuable lessons learned from other customers to avoid pitfalls, reduce risk, and increase the chance of success.

During implementation, project activities are taken from their safe, protected, and secure environments, where they have little or no impact on day-to-day business operations. Once a system goes live, however, any glitch will almost certainly have a detrimental effect. It is through careful planning, execution, and management of system implementation activities that FUTREND can minimize the likelihood of these occurrences, and determine appropriate contingency plans in the event of a problem.

Quality Assurance
and Testing

All systems must meet specified requirements and design before they go live. Testing ensures functionality and consistent delivery over time. Any system that has financial data and processes financial transactions must be rigorously tested to ensure the data integrity and financial transaction accuracy. Integration testing for financial transactions demands greater expertise in system integration as well as in finance and accounting.

FUTREND′s team of experts understands the criticality of quality assurance and testing for financial transactions. Our comprehensive QA and testing services cover real business world scenarios based upon our functional expertise in financial management and accounting operations.

Financial Management
System Customization and O&M

Financial Management Systems are critical to any organization’s mission because they enable delivery of essential services. FUTREND has the expertise, the speed, and round-the-clock commitment to meet service-level agreements.

Financial Management
System PMO Support

Financial Management System PMO Support requires striking the right balance, often between multiple organizations with competing priorities. At FUTREND, we emphasize consensus when navigating the needs and demands of multiple organizations managing complex financial management systems.

Financial Management
and Accounting Services

We understand the differences, and the implications, of performing Financial and Accounting Operations services in the Federal environment. FUTREND brings the right expertise to ensure financial integrity. Our financial management accounting services include basic accounting operations such as funds control as well as comprehensive financial reporting and financial statement preparation.

Our Services

Services: Financial Management, Grants Management, Healthcare IT
  • System Integration
  • System Implementation
  • Full Life-cycle Application Development
  • Program/Project Management (PMO)
  • Professional Services and Management Consulting